We love to make good technicall stuff. But we love to market the stuff we make.

you cannot simply make good work

you need to know how to sell

2 Days. 6 Workshops. 9 Speakers.

The IT team

makes the hard part

The marketers

makes you sell


makes it all work toghether

if its hard to make, we love it

the harder, the better

Doesn’t matter if your idea is hard to make it work. The most important think is that your idea is somethink that the market is willing to buy.

Our guru level marketers will help you to sell the best way possible.

Our IT guys will make a good website or app, so no one could mock you due to bugs, or some part of the site is no working.

Just perfect work. Even the most german on Germany could not find a single detail to complain about.

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Don't Wait ‘Till The Last Moment



Nikki Harris

Technology Freak

Doug I. Jones

Design Expert

speakers that know what is a good design.

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Don't Wait Till The Last Moment - get your tickets now

2 days full of design.


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One Day

$ 45
  • Full Day Access
  • Three Workshops
  • Four Lectures

Two Days

$ 60
  • Full Two Days Access
  • Full Access Workshops
  • Full Access Lectures

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